You may probably think that tile installation is a simple DIY task. However, it can easily get complicated. Especially in terms of bathrooms, tile can be utilized for floors and floors or for both in a shower. In terms of the right design and installation process, it would be best to leave such tasks to a Bridgeport tile contractor or a general contractor. Here are the potential mistakes you may do that needs to be prevented while installing tile on your bathroom, especially if you try doing it without the expert’s help.  

Selecting the wrong tile  

The tile type you have to select will be depending on where you want to have it installed. Wall tile or floor tile, for instance, have extremely distinct characteristics. The durability and friction rating of a tile will determine whether it’s compatible to be used on floors or not. The more strength and friction it has, the better it will be as flooring. Moreover, wall tiles tend to be thinner compared to floor tiles as well. Hence, they are usually easier to install and cut. Meanwhile, the tile’s appearance, like ceramic vs. marble, may decide whether it’s better for stylish flooring or wall accents.   

A general contractor can simply assist you with this since they are well-versed about the differences and the strength of all tiles. They can also help you with the design you want to achieve for your bathroom. 

Miscalculating the slope for the shower 

One of the typical mistakes done during DIY tile installation is when the slope of the floor required for water to drain is miscalculated. Moreover, this applies to rims, shelves, and built-in seating that can possibly pool water. Too much-trapped water can briefly result in leaks and development of bacteria. In the worst case, this can eventually cause costly and unwanted repairs. For general contractors, it’s easy for them to precisely calculate the slope since it is what they do. They have the proper training and expertise to deal with calculating the correct slope for any style or type of the shower to guarantee that the shower will properly drain.  

Improper floor preparation 

Having a tiled flooring is a great way to provide your bathroom a totally new and fresh look, which can only be realized given that it is properly installed. If you fail to carefully clean your floor in the first place, or the underlayment is uneven, it can result in issues with the tile. The tile’s underlayment is essential since it gives strong support for the tile. However, if it’s laid unevenly, it can also be the cause of why your tiles break and sag.  

The greatest means to prevent stress or mistakes as you select the right materials would be to contact a general contractor and have such crucial tasks to do it for you. They have the right experience and tool to deal with any installation and preparation to guarantee a flawless finish. Moreover, an expert can help minimize waste like the extra tile or grout by preventing breakage and just buying what’s needed.